Breeding Objective: To maximise returns to clients through high fertility, above average indexes and increased carcase attributes.

Maternal Matters
The performance recorded cattle are put under pressure at critical times of the year. Cows and 18-month heifers are wintered on the hill and tussock country, up to to 1000 metres asl and prone to several snowfalls. In this environment and with no winter supplements, cows can lose up to 100kg LW over the winter months. Our focus on positive fats and moderate mature cow weights prove their worth in this extreme environment.

The focus on fertility in the proram means cows must be in calf within two cycles and rear a calf each year, irrespective of season. The heifers are mated as yearlings and they must calve unassisted.

Key Drivers

An annual AI program means we can utilise the best Angus genetics available world-wide. We select bulls that break the negative correlations between the following traits:

  • Direct and daughters calving ease
  • Low birth and high growth
  • High growth and low mature cow weight

Buying a Mount Linton Bull

Bulls are for sale by private treaty as yearlings or 18-months old.

  • Transport of bulls is compliments of Mount Lintonas far north as Feilding.
  • The fertility and structural soundness of bulls is guaranteed for three years.

All bulls have:

  • TB status C3
  • Negative BVD and EBL test and vaccinated.
  • Passed a semen morphology test
  • cleared a thorough veterinarian check for physical health.
  • Forward store condition ready to acclimatise to their new environment.
Ceri Lewis

Ceri Lewis


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Bulls are for sale by Private Treaty as yearlings in November and 18-months in June.

Catalogues for these bulls are due out May and October.

To arrange an appointment or for any further information contact Ceri Lewis or call 0800 685 468 today!

Genetic Trends

Cattle Genetic Trend Graphs