Breeding Objective: To maximise returns through increased meat and growth without compromising survival.

The Flock

The Suftex flock is a stabilised breed of terminal genetics and purebred Texels have underpinned the terminal lamb performance on Mount Linton for many years.

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Suftex: 783/2012

Suftex: 783/2012

Suftex: 230/2012

Suftex: 230/2012

Suftex Ram List, Autumn 2013

Get High on Yield

Reversing the trend of fast growing lambs to deposit more fat as they get heavier, has been made possible through CT scanning sire lines. Mount Linton is one of very few breeders that incorporates CT scanning into the breeding program. Clients will especially notice these benefits in a tough finishing season when most lambs effortlessly grade Y.

  Industry Station Genetics Unit
Average Meat yield/lamb 53% 55% 57%

Catch them for Growth

On the Station (commercial operation, 50% of lambs are killed by mid February, this means lambs average 280g/day. These lambs averaged 17.3kg carcassweight with 83% reaching the Alliance yield grade threshold.

Performing under pressure

The farming system although seperate from the Station is farmed under commercial type management. The young stock are specifically challenged to see how they perform under pressure at certain times of the year, particularly over the summer in relation to parasites. The ewe flock has a no drench policy and are farmed under commercial flock management. Sheep Genetics manager Hamish Bielski believes that as we move into the future it is as important to select terminal sires primarily for their growth and meat characteristics but they must still have the constitution and ability to perform within a typically run farming system.

Why Choose a Mount Linton Ram?

  • Over 1600 SIL recorded ewes
  • Only top 25% of ram lambs born are offered for sale
  • All the top Mount Linton genetics are available to external clients (after selecting its sires)
  • Two year replacement guarantee for structure (provided they are incapable of successfully serving ewes/hoggets)
  • Brucellosis accredited

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Genetic Trends

SIL Suftex Genetic Trends

These graphs (linked above) are based on SIL flock averages and shows the significant genetic gains since the flocks establishment.